Even the sun sets in paradise.

Happy belated birthday jo!

Yesterday was crazy.
Never have been so worn out since the start of the year.
Woke up at 6am for Handball training..
It really was an extreme killer cause I was badly deprived of sleep for the past few days.
Left for MGS with Verlynn, Vernice, Vavarly in the morning.

Left the place at 11am with Nikki to bus down to Botanic Gardens..
BTW which is the worst MRT station ever to alight cos the floor was filled with caterpillars?!
I screamed and ran all the way to the control station. Haha don’t judge.
You would have done that too.

Trained down to Stadium MRT, ate at Kallang Leisure Park and headed to KNC for Pesta Sukan Netball Carnival.
The matches were delayed due to the rain, but overall the game still played on.
Won 4 (1 of which was a walkover) and we lost the last match, to SRC by 1.
I am extremely disappointed with my own gameplay.
Have been feeling so sucky in my own plays for the past few trainings. So frustrating!!

But we made it through the second round and will be playing again next Saturday,
& it’s double-knock out format.
Okay moving on.

Changed and headed to Promenade MRT Station to go for NDP Preview 2012!
It was awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚
Have to thank asyraf for the tix! Wouldn’t get the opportunity to if not for that.
First time of the year singing national anthem and doing the pledge.
& I think I took 400+ over pics. (purely on the fireworks part itself)
Auntie max, I know. Hahha.

Afterwards, headed to Somerset to meet J. (roughly around 9pm by then)
Ate Botak Jones at scape!! Miss that place so much.
Went to the flea and bought my portable charger for my Iphone and changed my screen protector!
Took bus 190 back to CCK and then reached home at around 12am.
So that pretty up summed up by event-filled Saturday.

And then there’s today. Heading to school later (yup on a Sunday) for IMCA meeting.
Been a crazy weekend.
Must get some rest soon.
Have a good one everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚


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