I really really really really really really really really really kind of liked you.


Taken off from sangeetha’s tweet. (DMC 02’s class mommy!)

Woke up at 645am yesterday (I slept at 2am… and I can’t even remember the reason why anymore.) to take train all the way from Yewtee>Bishan>Mountbatten for Pesta Sukan Netball carnival (:

Played against U19 for the first match (down by 6), won TP by 5 for the second match and I don’t know what got to me that I came out crying afterwards. Maybe my frustration of not putting up a good game lately, and another was the heat from the sun. Exhaustion and the fear of another athsma attack perhaps? Sat out for the rest of the following matches.. The third match was against SRC (deciding match between who will fight for 1st and 2nd) which the team won when there was a tiebreaker, first to 3. So happy for SP (:

Since it was in double knockout format, we played against U19 again for the finals. Got sub in to play GD during the second quarter (there was no one else to reserve) and had the shock of my life.  But thank God everything went okay and we were down by 5. Indeed a good fight (:

Went to Kallang Leisure Park to have lunch with the team @ pasta mania. Headed to Bishan library afterwards to meet my IMCA group for project work. Had a great time though I was pretty much fighting the strong urge of sleeping on the carpeted floor. Trained home afterwards and my parents are finally back from M’sia (:

Heading to Yishun to meet ITB group now, my weekends are really burnt by mountains of CA assignments that will be due.
But week 18 shall pass by quickly, yes! Let’s get all this done. No trainings for this week, just gonna be on full on force in submission of projects etc.

No sleep. One week, 7 days and my 2 months of holidays will be here.
Goodbye (:



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