I’ll make you shiver, I’ll keep you warm.


The hectic week is over! CAs and Presentations are all done for this semester!
I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by (: and now I’m finally done with a sem of Poly life!
Sleepless nights have afterall, been worth it!

Stayed in school till about 9pm + on Thursday at concourse preparing for ITB presentation the next day. Sometimes I really hate how I always break down under pressure and stress.. and put myself through that much emotional pain.

Thankfully both IMCA & ITB presentation went pretty alright, no looking back (:
Had fun with some of my classmates when we went to Clementi Mall’s Tutti Frutti after our last day of Sem 1 was over!

Just came back from handball training in the morning at MGS,
ate at KAP’s Mac with the peeps and then took the bus home (:

Yes, 2 months of holidays!
I need to get a job soon. Sigh.
But till then it shall be full on force intensive trainings during the month of September!

Maybe I will see, a different destiny.


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