To Get Her.

My 31st August ended on a high note, and my 1st Sep was awesome 🙂
Went to The Chevrons and had the honour to emcee for the Teachers Day event, I’ve had such a great time and got the opportunity to see all my teachers in a different light- as heroes and villians (theme for this event!)

Had an awesome emcee together with me and got to know the alumni committee better as well, so grateful. Thank you Regent Alumnknights 🙂 Had a nice conversation with Mdm Pang in the car, my ex form teacher, really feel blessed to have had her as a teacher in my years in Regent. Small talk conversations with Ms. Su, Mdm Kua and Ms Chew also made me realize how lucky I am to be here.

Handball training in the morning today! What a hectic morning it was indeed, but really felt good after so long of not training on court 🙂  Ate at KAP with the rest and went home for an awesome well-worth 2 hours nap!!! Felt so good but true enough, I honestly think I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight instead haha.

Played bball with the Vs today and it’s been so long since I felt so happy playing on court like some kid deprived of childhood again. But all is well and I can’t ask for any other to have made my night, so thank you 🙂

Reached home arnd 11 while the rest headed to Yewtee.

Goodnight 🙂


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