Meet (most of) my lovely teammates from SP Netball (:
Time, passion, sweat, blood, tears, effort, life.

So i’ve been devoting most of my time to being at Kallang Netball Centre for the past few nights consecutively.
Monday was SP training and after bathing, went with the team to eat dinner/supper at Old Airport Road.  Had a good time talking to the Vs while on the train ride back and I realized how much I’ve never really had the feeling of a whole team fighting together for a similar dream. (ever since pri. sch) and I really really don’t want anyone to not get in the team or leave.

Spent my Tuesday night with SPEED once again at KNC, playing friendly & street.

Then half of my Wednesday with SP again for netball today 🙂 Went to KFC with the whole lot of them afterwards and had a great time there! Parents came to pick up aft wards and reached home at 11-ish. There’s friendly match tmrw at night with NTU  and i’ll have to be in school tmrw by 11! Which means I should probably get some sleep now.

I need to start counting my blessings again, things have been happening recently and I realize at all circumstances God has been showing me what a lucky girl I’ve been.

Been a while since I felt that way about myself,
Stay strong everyone. 🙂




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