When the door closes, another opens.

Had filming on Monday in school for the EMA Video Competition & the netball friendly with SIM later went.. alright, still much more to improve on but I guess we’re all learning. Ate at Mac’s for dinner/supper with the team afterwards and walked home at about 1230am? Couldn’t sleep so I stayed up till 2am and woke up on Tuesday morning at 7am for handball training in school. After self training, stayed in school to talk with the few of us and unexpectedly, had a great time thinking back on all the epic times in Regent.

Got back my results and I’m satisfied, there’s still much more to work on for the next sem and complacency must not get the best of me at this point of time. Have to continue to keep striving hard, will consider dip+ plus.

Went out for yogurt with Dan last night and sort of became a tour guide around YewTee estate cos he just moved in a few days ago. Walked back some places that bring back lots of memories to me and reached home at around 11.

Then stayed up talking till 1am+ after learning some cold hard truths of reality and took a walk down another memory lane with you and I teared along the way thinking about everything- the past and all.

I know I’m not supposed to look back now just cause the past is familiar but the fact that it all happened last night to come crashing down on me makes me realize have I really matured and became a stronger individual after all that’s happened to me.



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