This week.


Yet another week filled of trainings, trainings and the occasional meet up projects down.
There’s filming tomorrow once again and will be down at NUS to watch the netball showdown between NUS & NTU.
Spent my Saturday with netball training in the morning, followed by eating Lao Ban bean curd with the team. Went home for like a 15 minutes power nap (blame myself for trying to act smart and sleep only 4 hrs the night beforehand. sigh) and then went off to Yishun Northpoint Swensens for dinner with Coach Stella, Eunice and Clarice (former students under Stella when she was taking Yishun & Regent sec who are currently, an am proud to say my SP netball teammates!) It was nice to reminisce about all the tough trainings that coach had pushed us through even when we were so tired. Met the Vs at Yew Tee afterwards who came to my house to play mahjong and then slept through the nice peacefully at 130am+ and woke up at about 2 today.

Haven’t been feeling well lately, almost came down with a fever yesterday and there’s still things to be done. This holidays hasn’t feel like it’s been hols for me except the daily dose of everyday trainings. Pol-ite competitions are up and coming (First match for handball is this saturday) and now I’m starting to feel nervous and I don’t want to be a burden.

Must find my pace from here and pick myself up.


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