Can you feel this magic in the air

So I’m down with another week of 6x trainings a week! 🙂
& I just had my first handball polite match of the season this morning, definitely a new experience!

Had netball training last night in SP and went to eat at Food Haven with the team afterwards, rushed home to prepare stuff and got ready to go out again at 10pm to Nikki’s house at Paya Lebar to stay over! Can’t imagine waking up at 5am here at Yew Tee just to travel to ITE College East (Tampines) just for our 10am match!

Had McDelivery at 130am when we were all trying to sleep at her room but gave up cos we were starving, haha. Managed to catch a few hours of sleep and cab down to ITE East afterwards (nice taxi uncle that we met cos we had 5 people!) 🙂 SP guys had their match against ITE CC first which they won 17-15 and we had our match afterwards, super nervous at first but the match ended against RP 32-8 to SP!

Then bathed and the hb team (guys&girls) headed to Bedok Point for lunch (feeling super shag cos I was sunburnt and lack of sleep!!) and went to shop for grocery stuff for our chalet tomorrow @ Changi!

Reached home at about 5pm and ate dinner and fell asleep cos really cannot tank!! Slept for 3 hours only and I’m energized enough now which explains why I’m up and writing this.

Thinking back, I am really grateful that I’ve joined handball 🙂
And there’s a hb chalet tmrw + netball friendly at city hall at night afterwards!

Physically drained? Not yet, maybe.
Mentally? Trying to keep it strong.


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