Friday night beneath the stars

Had an awesome time with the handballers at the chalet @ Aloha Changi during my weekends! It was good bonding time within ourselves and definitely looking forward to our next trainings and polite matches to come 🙂 Following that, had a netball friendly at SCC in the night and ate together with the netball team at City Hall afterwards. Been so long since I’ve enjoyed night life at town!

Went to meet Tingting, Pravin & Randall yesterday for lunch at Jcube Manhatten’s Fish Market and then off to Somerset! Then headed to Batok to take bus 77 down to MGS for handball training. Went with the whole team to Bukit Timah’s Al Azhar for night dinner! Got the post-chalet feel again, haha. And it was really nice to talk to coach pei luan about my frustrations on court and get advices. I am trying.

There’s netball friendly later in SP and handball afterwards, and this is officially my last week of holidays!

Thinking back, I wouldn’t know how am I going to pass my 6 weeks without trainings. And reading through all my past entries/tweets I haven’t been doing much soul searching lately, but simply just living my life with trainings and hanging out with netballers/handballers afterwards to enjoy a heartwarming meal after a day of hard work 🙂

I wake up every morning (not exactly morning because I usually only am awake after 12pm) feeling physically drained out from the night’s training (have been reaching home at around 1am+ lately) just looking forward to another training after training.

Am looking forward to strive hard for the team 🙂


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