All, I need.

So I’m done with the first week of my year one sem two! (:

Been busy with school and activities the whole time but feeling blessed with all the awesome people that I’m with! Taking a step back always makes me realize how grateful I should be to have such lovely caring friends to be surrounded with (:

Also for the fact that I’ve already consulted a doctor, taken an x-ray and seen a sports psychiatrist for consecutive 2 days about my injury. The x-ray film was a shocker, but the report (since I’ve already mentally prepared myself) was okay. However the call from the doctor was a really breakdown moment for me (esp in class!!) when everything else seem to black out except for the word “hospital”. But I’ll never forget the moment when the whole group of classmates came to sit around (though I was crying so awkwardly there) to cheer me up. You guys are so awesome, thank you lovely DMC 02 (:

And also must thank bro kc who put up with me, & netball teammates (:

In summary, had netball training on mon & wed (handball aft netball on wed which I really just wanted to kill myself when I got home cos thurs was an 8am lesson) and met up with Coach Stella, Eunice & Clarice ytd again at Yishun Swensens/ Ya Kun. Always a hearty conversation whenever with them, reminiscing the good times (:

And today I went to Legoland Malaysia with le family!! One whole bus all to ourselves, the 30+ of us (:
Tiring long day indeed, but at least it was a short getaway for me to channel my thoughts.

There’s training tmrw and I have to be up early to go MGS for handball, and then head down to school for PW.
Netball pol-ite on monday, can’t wait.

Bring it on, I can do this. 🙂


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