The road to recovery

“The road to recovery can be tough, and at first I couldn’t stop thinking how much it sucked and how bad I just wanted to get back out there onthe field, but you know what? Every injury is also a good thing for an athlete to over come. They can only get stronger from this and by over coming their injury they can achieve and reach for higher limits because they pushed themselves. Now everyone who is injured out there just take a few deeps breaths and tell yourself you will get through this…its just another curve ball that life is throwing at you. Push yourself to get past it and move in. And then once your all rested start back up and don’t look back. Just make it a memory of how you got through this hard time in your life! You can do it and your not alone.”

Need to start getting my act together and start studying.
I can, and I will pull through this sem!


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