Haven’t had time to actually sit down and reflect what I’ve been doing for this past whole school term..
But thankfully everything ended well on the last day of school for 2012, another sem more to go till the end of Year 1. (:

Ended yesterday with Radio shift> School> Physio> Expo> ToaPayoh>Home!
And woke up today sorting out my schedule for CAs for next year (:

Thinking back, I really don’t have to let this be my outlet of emotions that often anymore at this blog as compared to how strongly I’ve felt last time. Good or bad, I don’t know. But this change is for the better.

Caught 2 movies in 3 days, Rise of the Guardians + Ah Boys to Men! Finally!
I guess it helps in knowing that the people all around me are doing well and fine,
and I’m happy to know that they’re happy too!
My lovely classmates, teammates, friends that have been very supportive all the while. (:

Looking forward to the great holidays, and cheers to conquering another school term!


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