I wished I could have said that I spent my last Friday night of 2012 doing something more productive, but I guess it was a pretty much a stay home one for me in contrast to all the other crazy Friday nights I’ been having this year.
But I ended up in my own room, editing my 1000 word essay the whole afternoon and just doing nothing much.
Too late to go out for a run, too early to be in bed asleep.

And I somehow….. got myself reading through all my blog posts (ever since 2009) which is like.. 3..4 years ago. Problematic kid I was.
To see how much I and the people around have me have grown  is indeed overwhelming. (even if I said so myself) 

I know people would probably say this at the end of every year… but I think 2012 would be what I call a breakthrough year. Maybe it’s because of the evolution of coming out from secondary school to polytechnic life, the new friends and environment, etc. We lose friends, we meet new ones. We prioritize different commitments. We fall out of love, we fall in love. All that kind of stuff.

Man I don’t want to end this friday night feeling emo.
Where did my 2012 go to?


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