Goodbye 2012

I don’t even know how to begin talking about this year.

It has taught me so much and so different from all the other years that I’ve had, when everything was pretty laid out for me (merely getting through the studying, council stuff in secondary school) and now looking back, wow it has pretty much been a roller coaster ride.

I would spend all night typing a long post but I don’t even think it’ll be able to comprehend the whirl of emotions I’ve had to go through.

But I’ll never forget 23rd October and the whole week of that, probably the hardest and most heartbreaking thing I had to went through in my life was the fall and the dislocation of my right elbow. It hurts to think about it. It’s more than the physical pain.

Yet it has taught me so much about all those who has stayed and it was, as contradicting as it sounds,
an eye opening experience to realize how blessed I’ve been to have all these people by me.

This is a pretty abrupt post and the ending is pretty impromptu but,
2012 was definitely a breakthrough year. I’ll be looking forward to 2013, I might not know what’s ahead of me for now,
but whatever it is, everything will always be okay 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!!
Let’s make the best of 2013 ❤


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