The month of February & farewell January

I’m sorry I havent had time to check back here even though its the festive CNY season right now!
Have so much that’s been going on of late and I havent sat down to do some soul searching or reflection.

There’s just been too much that has changed and happened,
not saying that I didn’t expect the change but I didnt expect the outcome to be like this. (:

The faces that I’ve seen in my relative houses still somehow remain the same (occasionally a few new faces here & there) the atmosphere still as joyous (with the occasional awkward i’m just standing around no smalltalk please moments) but this year back then, I was a different person with a different perspective/outlook in mind.

Truth be told, I was still thinking I would be in an arm sling this year during CNY.


Forget how auntie I look, (Till today I’ll never forget how puffy my eyes were because of drug allergies!)
I’m not a changed person because of that incident.
Not much of a fan of believing in one-off experiences and how suddenly someone turns over a new leaf the next day.

But I believe that it is something when I look back,
doing the most simplest of actions just like lifting a cup of water, being able to hold both fork and spoon with both my hands and feed myself, being able to dress myself and hold a red packet with two hands stretched out with gratitude,

…are things that I’ve learnt not to take for granted.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
A time for family gatherings, being surrounded by awesome company and love 😉

Till the next update!
Hopefully when I’ve conquered another load of CAs!


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