Couldn’t have found a better way to express myself.

I know that there is something more than a touch pathetic about caving so completely to society’s pressure to partner up. I know that many of the relationships which develop from this kind of oppressive expectation are insincere and hollow, based only on a mutual desire to look good and have a warm body to fall asleep next to. But I have real feelings for you, and even if they won’t manifest in something long-term,

I can think of no better time to express them. You have made yourself clear in your disdain for all things ‘serious commmitment,’ and I respect that. But we don’t always need bigger promises to make something feel good.

Maybe you are right in wanting less, and I am being overly demanding in wanting something serious. We are filled with these ideas that we are guaranteed some kind of romantic happiness, that the universe owes us a person who wants us in the way we want them, but maybe that’s ridiculous.

We aren’t even guaranteed a tomorrow, and there isn’t much sense in denying ourselves the pleasures we could be experiencing because we imagine we’re being chaste for some reward which will never actually come.


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