Locked out of heaven

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It’s been a hectic week of submission of school CAs, CNY and Valentine’s day.
This week really wore me out and I feel like I’m deprived of playing mahjong and h2h sessions with the Vs. 😦

Sorry I’ve only been updating this space by reblogging from ThoughtCatalog (hopping from articles to articles), haven’t really settled down to get my thoughts together to write a decent post. For a moment of time I’ve been so disconnected from the world.

Submitted 3 CAs yesterday, celebrated the V twins birthday with a surprise (not really) with Vav, after an eventful Valentine’s Day night!

I know you are reading this, thank you for the wonderful day out and always putting up with me. β™₯

Abrupt post again, but I guess what keeps me going is that everyone around me (is probably just as busy) but the circle of friends I'm with are happy and doing well πŸ™‚

What a tightly knit social circle it is.
To love and be loved, what else can you ask for?


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