The district sleeps alone tonight.

With all credits to ThoughtCatalog;

“The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” – Birdy (originally by Postal Service)

You know what you haven’t done in a while? Cried about your high school boyfriend. You were in love, and going to different colleges couldn’t touch that, except that it did, and you grew apart. The moment you realized it was the first time you encountered that acute hollowness where intimacy used to exist, an absence of feeling that you would go on to experience again, after every time you outgrew a love. It was when you learned to accept the inevitability of evolution, that all you could do was hope with each new love that this time it would be with someone who would evolve along the same wavelength as you, which is a vastly more rare thing than finding someone to love in a vacuum of personal stagnation.

You realized you were not the kind of person who would ever freeze, to stop growing, for any love. This is when “hope of finding love” turned into “hope of finding love that lasts.” Upon understanding what makes those different, you realized how bleak that shit seemed, and started learning how to be happy alone, hopefully without needing to become bitter and hateful. This song will take you back. This song will make you feel old, dull pain with renewed focus before you remember the details of its origin. Sometimes you should go back there, to remind you of the first simple scenario where the choice between “love of another” and “love of self” was clear, because it’s never been as clear since. But you need to remember that it hurts, and to make sure it still hurts, because it should.

Not enough to derail you, just enough to still feel it. Several months of hardening yourself against the seasonal elements can make other parts of you hard as well. This song is good diagnostic test to ensure your insides are still vital, still uncomfortably human.

Man, I need to start bringing myself back to oldies.
That really got to me.


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