To my partner in crime, always.

Here’s to my beloved girl who’s gonna be leaving on a jet plane tomorrow,
You’re gonna be back only on the first week of April and that’s like 5 weeks gone without you!
I’m so sorry I couldn’t squeeze in time this week to meet you before saying goodbye or send you off at the airport tmrw morn, I really am 😦

I’m not fond of saying goodbyes but I just want to say I’m really really happy for you and proud of where you are now 🙂
Remembering how the both of us spent a crazy 3 days 2 night in Genting and all that running around, watching movies till late night, snacking (and snacking and snacking) and jumping out of Marrybrown window.. trying to take chio photographs… HAHAHA I miss you already thinking about it!! People take escalator we purposely go take staircase, try to action but in the end…. failed hahahha argh.


But I think what I remember most from our Genting trip isn’t all of this:


(sidetrack) Omg I remember the night before we were at Vivo City for some Red Camp Apaches meeting and then we went to Giant Hypermarket shopping for food like some aunties!!! HAHA. Everything on discount just take, and we still boguht instant noodles like as if we’re going to a land with no food. Haha AMAZINGLY we finished most of the food and still remember how amazed we were by the Focaccia bread??! Good times good times.

I don’t only miss all of that but I miss the fact that I indeed still hold some of the most personal heart-to-heart conversations I’ve had with you in my mind, that I will always always remember. It’s amazing how the both of us can feel so similarly towards these things and how I’ve met someone that shares somewhat the same aspirations as I do and how much we’ve grown as a person! I still remember it was before 2012 started and we were talking about where we would see ourselves a year from now… and what we plan to get out of this route.

Remember our dilemmas between Poly & JC and how we were both really thinking if DPA was really the right way out?
I’m so glad to have you by my side then. If not, I really wouldn’t be where I am now and I’m sure it was a really tough time for both of us at first.. but in the end, I’m so happy for you (: For the both of us, in fact!

I really hope you make the best out of your this overseas trip to China and please take care of yourself. Just update me once in a while through whatsapp (if you manage to find connection there) how you’re doing and so on okay!!! When you come back, before school starts — YOGURT DATE. (we’ve procrastinated this for quite long already!!)

553814_10150777245283707_1765972081_n 564238_10150779297528707_1801195432_n 374148_10150793805698707_544348715_n 385926_10150439947170485_9360136_n 549503_10150777241293707_192765809_n 391124_10150462883550485_382844960_n

Thank you for everything ❤
Swee Choon Dim Sum again with the other girls when you’re back okay!
I know you will make the best out of everything you have, am really really happy for you strong girl! 🙂

love you onglianling!!!!!


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