They say that good things come to those who wait.

I don’t know what to blog of late because everything has been going alright?
Maybe the word “well” is an overstatement but I guess maybe it’s that point of contentment? I mean there are things in my life where I still find that there is a need for improvement, can be better (we are never ever satisfied) etc but all in all, perhaps i’m just in the midst of finding peace with myself but all is good when you just become oblivious to everything around you.

Went down to Gardens by the Bay yesterday for SP Excellence Awards Ceremony, what a great honour it was to collect the award on behalf of the team who’ve worked so hard for this. I honestly wished I could have been part of this success but the credit really goes out to the POL-ITE team, and the bunch of girls who have been there for me at my lowest point of time being by the sidelines.

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Really loved the great company I had that day 🙂
Took the train back to SP afterwards for handball training, and then off to the airport to send my brother off to Australia, Adelaide.
I really envy him sometimes, how one can simply drop all commitments and just travel the world.

And before I forget!
I’ve finally graduated from a Year One DMC student last week during the Freshman Orientation Showcase!!

Am blessed to be in DMC 02 and all the memories shared with my lovely class! 🙂
Anyway I was asked by SOMEONE to share my lunch experience for today basically cos it was.. 20% ish home-cooked by me!
For once!!

Not too bad right haha but actually I honestly it looks better than it tastes.
Haha! But it was a good night to go out for a run! 🙂

Enough with today, it’s about another 5 more days to HONGKONG with the netball girls!! I’m super super super psyched for it and can’t wait!!
2 more trainings to go for the week and here we come! 🙂

Too many events in a single post, but I can’t ask for any other better company or circle of friends to be around with.
Am too grateful. 🙂

Don’t worry.
People judge a man’s character by their stride and not their stumble.
There is no time for fear, but plenty for foolishness.
Stay passionate. Life comes at you in a myriad of colors.


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