To sum up Hong Kong

5 days 4 nights of crazy fun time.

Day one- Touched down at HK Airport, went down to HK University for lunch and then reached back our hostel at Y-loft. Had a friendly with Hong Kong Institute of Educaiton mix and both guy&girls team. First time playing netball at the outdoor courts without breaking a sweat since HK temperature was about 18~20 degree celcius that night šŸ˜‰





Day two- Woke up early in the morn to set off with the girls to go Repulse Bay for Beach Netball! What an awesome experience it was, played 6 won 3 lost 2 drew 1 and it was a good bonding time with the rugby guys on the bus! We did the harlem shake šŸ˜‰ we headed out for jap dinner at chai wan that night!



Day three- Hong Kong 5s Beach Netball day 2 with the girls and am so proud of them for making it to runners up! Level 10 @ our hostel that night and it was entertaining to watch truthordare going on, slept at close to 4am for the past few nights and been waking up so early in the day. But that probably marked the end of playing netball for the past 3 days because the next two days were our off days for the trip! Causeway bay for dinner that night with the girls for steamboat buffet!







Day four- slept in a little longer as compared to the other days and went to Mong Kok for shopping, & to our dim sum lunch together! So many things off the bucket list and am happy to be with the awesome company. went to h&m in HK and walked into many shops, and enjoyed HK street food! went back to the hotel and headed out again to Lan Kwai Fong that night. It was one hell out of a night I would always remember. dancing partying drinking screaming- man it was crazy.

Day five- i don’t even remember sleeping and remembering what a crazy day it was. i just want to remember leaving on a jet plane back to singapore and coming back to seeing the faces of my loved ones.



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