Good Friday

Was planning my schedule for April yesterday and already it’s been filled with so many activities..
trainings and so many other school commitments that I’ve gotten myself into.

This month just seemed to flew by, and I’ve been so immune to everything after I’m back from HK!
Have been occupying myself with the preparations for CASS Freshmen Orientation Camp for school meetings, netball trainings & friendly (just a week ago at Police Cantonment Complex) and upcoming handball trainings to prep for the Sg Youth league!

Speaking of which, had steamboat dinner with the SP Handball last night at Bugis!
didn’t really eat much but at least it was a good catch up and bonding time (sort of ) after all our exams!
Not to forget! Class Chalet at Aloha Loyang was funnnn too!


Though it was really tiring (went str after training, cabbed down to the place with Jeff and Bel!) and catching the first train home from the East,
I’ve been sleeping much better (& longer!!) than how I was during school days! Which is good, until school reopens and I won’t be able to adjust my body clock back. Haha.

To think about it, I’ve just been living each day by each day as it is with every event that comes by.
And it kind of sucks to see the holidays pass by me this quickly.

With that being said,
I’ve been really blessed these few days lately with good news, events and company that negative thoughts haven’t been haunting me!
Am truly contented with what I have despite being tired, but time has proved that it really is worth all the hard work.

A rather abrupt post cause I really can’t seem to pen down what’s up on my mind lately,
but till then!


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