And we can learn to love again

CASS FOC 2013 was awesome 🙂

Probably the first after secondary school where I’ve actually been planning for camps rather than just being the ones attending it.
But I’m so glad to see that the campers enjoyed the night walk!

For someone like me whose tolerance for horror is super low…
I’m glad I’ve survived through it as well haha (I’m not exactly the main target audience to be scared so it’s okay)
And retro night was a pretty damn fun night too!

Kudos to the Night Games committee that I’ve spent the past few months with, going back to school for meetings and everything that I dread.
But everything was worth it, and each and every one of us really deserve a pat on the back!
G – double O – D J-O-B 🙂

Though I spent that precious few hours interacting with a group of campers below their bunks instead of being at the dance floor,
it was a well worth time spent and I don’t regret choosing that 🙂

And the best time that I had in camp was reuniting with my fellow AZTECs and remember from how everything all started.
Man, that was really some good time spent. A year has passed and the lot of us are now OCs, GLs of our own 🙂

So happy to have met them!!!


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