Loving her was red

I haven’t been updating recently and the first week of school hasn’t gone very well on me.
The fact that I lost my concession card, agency pass… it was quite costly but guess that since it’s already happened no point brooding over it!
And my macbook is currently sent for repair and it’ll probably only be done next week. So that’s another major bummer and the fact that it all happened together and at once was pretty hard to take in.

But apart from that, the first week of school trainings has resumed (mon wed netball, fri handball) and it was a productive training tonight in preparations for tomorrow’s Sg Youth HB league that’s starting! At least being on court makes me forget everything else and the worries of school.. studies and all that kinda stuff. I guess it’s the only place that strangely enough, I feel homely and like I just want to be there and no where else.

Being circulated with a group of team mates where all of us share the same dream and goals really helps too. Never regret being here in SP, the wonderful team mates and memories here are just irreplaceable. Can never compare to all those “what ifs” if I took on another route, whatsoever.

Match against the ex-yog handball team tomorrow afternoon at NTU!
We’ve came a really long way. (As individuals.. as a whole)
Let’s fight hard, we can do this! Jiayou SP Handball! đŸ™‚




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