I survived the first term of my school semester

Title says it all, yes yes I’m on 3 weeks “holidays” as of now but year 2 has been crazy.
To unfortunately sum up my 3 weeks of “holidays”, I’ll be having school the whole of next week for masterclass from 9-530pm,
with the start of ENL league + trainings!
And that’s… Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday x2 to begin with. (5x trainings/wk)

Story goes on for the second week, exception that I’ll be having no classes but dealing with CAs for that moment :/

And my last week will be spent in a jungle in Indonesia, Batam with strangers.. (i’m not even kidding, i wish i was.)
Yupppp that’s really about it mostly.

I can’t express how much time is flying by.. that I wish sometimes moments could just be on play pause and repeat.
Story of my life, I can foresee July coming and by mid-week, here comes Netball Pol-ite and the endless cycle of deadlines, submissions, etc.


Got to start working harder jas.


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