5 Relationships That Change When You Lose One

Thought Catalog

1. Your relationship with music. Music becomes your caregiver—you start to feel inhuman when the lyrics aren’t penetrating your senses and outlining your body. Your favorite song becomes a synthetic case that locks in your desire to cry, laugh, and essentially break apart. It unravels your vulnerability and lets you get lost into your own emotional cave. Forgetting your headphones at home is the worst thing that can happen to you. You feel as if you can’t get through a day without hearing the symphony of the song that makes you feel safe, secure. You may adopt a completely new genre of music to listen to—something foreign and unrecognizable. But it’s the feeling of familiarity that starts to sink into your pores, inevitably becoming a part of your life that you can’t let go of.

2. Your relationship with food. Food starts to become your secret admirer. You…

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