14 Ways To Keep Childlike Wonder Alive In Adulthood

Thought Catalog

Remember the days when everything was mysterious and strange and absolutely incredible? You trusted people. You were awed by snow and coloring and fireworks and riding your bike outside. It was the little things that were incredible to you. You lived to enjoy yourself and immerse yourself in these little wonders. You weren’t jaded just yet– but if you were, you still had faith. You didn’t have expectations– they were imposed on you eventually. Actually, the world imposed itself on you. You grew up and became aware, through experience, of how brutal reality can be. And that kind of experience are the lessons that stick, and the reality you begin to believe in once you’ve seen it. You were desensitized to the things that once brought you joy, because you were taught that they were little, insignificant, pretend.

But everything is pretend. This is just a ride. This is not…

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