So it’s been awhile that I’ve actually been away from all the negativity aside, of all the times I’ve been complaining that..
I’m tired. I’m stressed out. I need a break.

And last night, I realized how unhappy I have been feeling with my life.
Of how I used to see the joy in simple things in life like playing netball and laughing with my friends and being silly..
but things aren’t quite like how it used to be anymore.

And the only reason, the only person that is standing in my way of that is the reflection that I see staring back at me.

Because I’ve been so emotionally numbed from all the workload, all these thoughts that keep crowding up my mind. And then I keep taking it in like a sponge, you know? You just keep going on and on without limits thinking you can absorb everything when you actually have a certain capacity up there.

And I start to treat the people around me unfairly, not like how they deserve to be.
They all deserved to be treated so much better but yet, and still, for someone who is just running past not even taking a second to stop and look around to see the beautiful skyline or skyscrapers around me… the people alongside me have stayed and never left.

And they are there to tell you, “I’ll be here for you.”
Even sorry isn’t enough to take back all that I have done in my actions and words.
Taking this moment to start all over again, to apologize for things that I shouldn’t have done or said or should have appreciated more of.

I will be a better person.


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