The Difference Between Being In Love And Being In Love With Love

Thought Catalog

It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? When that little voice creeps up in your head and makes you question whether you really want your significant other or you just want love. You’ll dismiss it the first few times. No, no, I obviously care about them. But do you? How do you even know the difference? More importantly, is it such a crime? You want somebody to love, so why not? That’s usually what comes next: well, it’s not really serious. We’re casual. It’s okay because we’re not serious. It’s okay, right? 

When you are in love with love, you are in the relationship for its benefits, and you cower away from more difficult aspects. By cower, I mean, you don’t address them or you don’t go about dealing with things in a healthy, respectful way. Frankly, you don’t care as much about the person as you do what they can…

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