Once Is Enough

Thought Catalog

Once is enough to see your parents cry. Watching their eyes grow glossy as streaks of tears drip down their sunken-in cheeks as your stomach grows completely hollow. The people who raised you are now stripped with nothing but their vulnerability. Being strong is the only option you have left.

Once is enough to be cheated on. The seed of trust you planted, watered, and gave light to has become rotted with betrayal. You find it unbearable to even think about constructing this idea of faith with someone completely new and different. It’s wiping yourself completely naked and risking your stitched up heart once again.

Once is enough to break up with a friend. Memories have grown gray and their face appears foreign. It’s painful to try and forget the effortless comfort you mutually shared. When your trust wilted from a loved one’s disloyalty, at least you had your best…

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