19 Reasons To Tell Someone You Love Them

Thought Catalog

1. The best part of being with someone you care about is knowing that they know how important they really are.

2. There is no reason to be afraid of loving someone, because the worst thing you can face is rejection, which is nothing compared to being the kind of person who never tells anyone how they really feel.

3. Even when someone rejects you, you are still gaining something from being a more compassionate, open, and honest person.

4. We all know how it feels when you are waiting for someone to tell you — there is no reason to inflict that torture on someone else.

5. There is no such thing as gender norms, anyone can say that they love someone first, and it doesn’t make you “a pussy” or “too manly” for not following the right order.

6. If someone is making you happy enough to feel…

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