The summer of June

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That pretty much sums up my last night stay at MBS hotel with the netball girls, indeed a wild and really enjoyable time spent with them as we stayed up talking, seizing all the hours we have left till the new school term starts again tomorrow.

This was by far, the craziest month of June holidays that I’ve had. I can’t even begin how hectic.. and mad it has all been.
And to top it off, it’s only the beginning right now.

Basically to sum up, I’ve spent my first week of June holidays in school having masterclass from a prof. from Chapman University to take us through film writing and stuff. The second week was more of time spent soul-searching, trying to figure out what I really want (and ending up nowhere) catching up with my secondary school peeps and just….. mainly catching up on assignments and trainings trainings trainings. The last week was spent as a short getaway I would call it, in Telunas Beach Resort (Batam, Indonesia) with the LEAP Scholars.

The experience was honestly, once in a lifetime.

Surprised myself in certain ways how I would be less afraid of stepping up to certain challenges because I realized how small physical obstacles are as compared to mental barriers that we all face on a day-to-day basis. With that mentality, imagine being able to accomplish these things within the four days of camp:
Jetty jumping 10metres high to the sea, Trekking a total of about 10km fighting the fear of snakes, insects, not bathing, sleeping alone in a hammock and wondering if bigfoot will appear out of nowhere in the middle of a jungle. Eating food out of mass tins that are just merely being washed from a stream nearby without soap or anything. Fishing in the middle of the night and surviving through a total of 3-4 hours being in a speedboat without being seasick…. just, wow.

I mean, going through all the prefectorial board camps in secondary school, those leadership camps, OBS and what not, every camp definitely have memories that are worth looking back on and the experiences you wouldn’t trade for anything else. I was initially hesitant but I guess like all other camps after going through them, no regrets. And i cant express how good it was to be away from the world without wi-fi connection, especially at a time when all you need was a getaway.

The highlight of my June holidays would definitely be being pushed out of my comfort zone.

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A little abrupt here, but here’s to a new school term ahead- another 8 weeks more.
POL-ITE, CA Submissions…. and a whole lot more coming up. But one week at a time, and I believe, things will work out.


Let’s go jasmine!


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