The Best Parts About Being In A Relationship

Thought Catalog

When you’re in a relationship with someone (and not living together), you get to wake up every day to new text messages. They’re like little presents for you to unwrap as you wipe the hazy sleep from your eyes, presents that were sent from someone who loves you or is learning how to love you. You text them back first thing and hop in the shower. By the time you get out, you’ll have another message waiting for you. You smile. You text back. You tell them how your day is unfolding. It’s like this all the time, every day. When you’re single, you can’t just text your friend “going to get coffee with sam” They’ll respond, “WTF? Why would I give a shit who you’re getting coffee with? Just call me later, loser.” But when you’re seeing someone, you can text them whatever asinine thing you want because they…

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