IMG_8980 Photo on 26-6-13 at 4.46 PM #2

So I’ve ended my season (netball) on a really bad note, the worst that I could ever remember and I don’t wish to go back to that state or even remember how the whole thing felt. Maybe you could say I was numb to the feeling, I mean when you’ve already gotten so low, what’s a little lower right? What’s taking in a little more scolding, a little more regret?

It’s back to handball trainings and trying hard…. again. To start off “POL-ITE” all over again and how that word, that used to get me so anticipated and all hyped up- now the thought just scares the hell out of me that I might be jinxed or something.

Really wish how things could be like last year though, the feeling of training so hard and aching so badly the next morning, going home late with the girls and just chatting the night away with impromptu mahjong sessions or like meeting up with secondary school friends.

And about just a few days away to my major presentation + CA submission next Tuesday, and then it’s a 5 day bootcamp to mug for another crazy 60 page research report…. and ‘m actually going back to Regent on Thursday, which is pretty crazy because……. well it’s just…. so many memories that going through the images to make a ppt slide. That pang of nostalgia.

Selamat Hari Raya + Happy National Day,
it’s a long weekend but filled with crazy intense CAs to be done.
Goodnight, goodnight Xx


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