It takes 21 (Here’s to never growing up)

For the first time ever, I’m about to embrace the 2 full months of holidays without having to worry about projects, tests or anything! Exception for some workshops that I have to attend on the first week of school, regular trainings (okay slightly-more-than-regular) and I’m determined to make full use of it!!

Bucket List for the Holidays

1. Clean up my Room

And that means clearing up all my clothes, throwing away those that I no longer wear/fit me anymore and all the other stuff that I have in my room that I never thought I have…….. plus also it means making space for new ones 😉

2. Read more

I shall start making more trips to the library over the holidays (Once a week to borrow 3-4 books from the Young Adults section) or else re-read the whole Harry Potter series all over again. We’ll see.

3. Write more

Updating my blog, the old space that I’ve been neglecting for the past few months when I was so busy with school!
At least once every few days (subjected to change haha.)

4. Work out more

Because I want to be better, faster and stronger.

5. More stay home days

The irony!! As much as I love going out to make my days ‘happening’ and I absolutely can’t stand the thought of being home the whole day, I really miss staying at home! Even when I’m not having projects, I’m not at home. Even when I am… I’m not at home either. And the hours I spend at home as compared to the hours I am in school, I’m quite positive that I spend 3/4 my life in school during the past semester. Quite determined to have at least a stay home day one day of each week of just being a hobo and doing writing/reading/watching movies on my laptop and just ‘me’ time :)) or the best I could go for would be more hours in a day being home. Or if not, just me spending time alone with myself going out to window shopping or at the library or just something. More alone time sounds good.

6. More interest in video graphics editing/ mastering effects

Taking time to find out what I really want to do in my life after I move on from this course, and doing this for leisure would look like a good way out. The outcome will be fulfilling after all. 🙂

7. Music

Go back listening to old favorites’. Always brings back memories.

8. Take care of my Mac + iPhone more (haha)

I need to get a new set of iPhone charger + earpiece, a thingy that i can strap to the arm for my iPhone for running and a decent Macbook cover because it suffered too many scratches. Haha.

9. Go overseas

At least once this holiday hopefully. With my family!

10.  Catch up with people I haven’t seen in ages.

Or at least finally meet up, chatting like old times instead of having the thought of projects constantly bugging my mind or feeling not at ease.

11. Trainings

Keep up to school netball and handball trainings with a positive mindset/ get through for this year’s POL-ITE.

12. Do more things that make me happy.

For myself.
(because of getting through a crazy school semester)

Night Safari, Ice-Skating, Movies, Cycling, Basketball, Trainings, Mahjong, Heading out to Town, enjoy the night awayyyy.

21 days to kick-start and get rid of habits. Let’s go.




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