And we danced all night to the best song ever



What an unflattering way to begin the post… haha.

But yes unofficial week of my holidays have officially begun! Spent the weekdays mostly staying at home, watching TV series, movies, reading etc and spent last night to a trip to the Night Safari!! It’s been so long since I’ve been to places like the Zoo and all the other touristy attractions (if you don’t include CBD area) and it’s good to embrace the inner child in you sometimes. Some times.

Well that will be a Friday night to remember, spending it with the elephants, rhinos, deers/mousedeers (so many different kind of deers I couldn’t differentiate) wallabies lion tigers and the list goes on…. But I found it funny when my dad told me the elephants have a Day shift over at the Singapore Zoo and at night they just make their way (as in walk over) to the Night Safari for their sleeping time. Poor elephants take up 2 part time jobs… but they are HUGE their tusks are like 1.2m in height!!

Heading to Jalan Raya with my poly friends later on, can’t wait 🙂

yay hols!


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