The past few nights have been eventful (aside from being clouded by negative thoughts for a moment) and being out with great company is simply bliss. Spending quality ‘me’-time at home during the afternoons and hanging out with friends you haven’t seen in a while, and those you’ve always been meeting up because they’re all awesome to hang out with 🙂

So I spent Sunday- Timbre @The Substation with Pravin, Randall, TingTing & Lianling (& we made a song dedication to our imaginary friend, Bob) it was a pretty cool chill night out with live music & all + the cab ride back reminiscing about memories and all the silly stuff we used to do back in Regent. A good train ride home it was (though a short one) back with Wong, it’s been awhile and a h2h with a best friend is always what you need to keep yourself reminded that you’re never alone. 🙂

1000348_10151877047035485_228032250_n 1234105_10151877047025485_1427120409_n1234992_10151877047460485_1208450884_n 998475_10151877047045485_977149919_n1236036_10151877047055485_1801708280_n

I spent my Tuesday afternoon-night playing basketball with a couple of friends who were from my course and it was one of the nights I think that I would actually find worth looking back during this holidays. Some of which were just “hi-bye” familiar faces and I’ve finally had the opportunity to get to know them better, to know more people around 🙂 + I took out my anger and all the other negative emotions/thoughts channeling in me into playing the game so it was good for the soul (and heart as well).
The school seemed exceptionally beautiful that night, along with the evening-night sky.


Thursday (well it was meant to be Today, but it’s past 12 so..) was one of the longest nights I’ve had in a while, not in a bad way of course. Had a Housewarming/Jalan Raya ‘outing’ to one of my classmate’s place @ Bartley and we went for a HSM Movie Marathon….. yup a couple of 18/19/20s *cough* years old teens watching the whole season over again, and the food + atmosphere was amazinggg.

The people too, not to forget 🙂 Left around evening to meet the rest of the group (Handball? Secondary School? Idk what to classify them under, really haha) at town and caught Percy Jackson at Cine. Followed by a long bus ride back and a lovely walk home (thank you, you know who you are 🙂 )

1185042_10151877047480485_328026294_n 1280827_10151877047470485_1719745973_n 558033_10151877048060485_543261446_n 1239856_10151877048075485_483632121_n

It’s been a great few nights looking back at these photos.

Hopefully when next week training starts, things will continue to see through for me and let’s hope it all gets better from here.
Even better. (or at least, be a little more in control of my emotions and thoughts)
textgram_13662913421Goodnight to you ❤




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