Can You Be Too Young To Know What Love Is? Is It Possible To Be Truly In Love?

Thought Catalog

Love. That single four-lettered word has such great importance to people. Love seems to be the main underlying goal that we all strive for in our lifetimes. We are taught from a young age about love. Love is when you really really really like something. “Mommy, I love cookies!” As we get older, we learn that love can be applied to people too. “Daddy, I love you!” Love is taught, always by precept, sometimes by example. By the time we are adolescents, we assume that we know what love is. We’ve read “Romeo and Juliet,” we’ve watched our parents, we’ve listened to the latest pop song on the radio. But if you asked us the definition of love, we would probably question what sort of love we are being asked about. People love, or material love? I undoubtedly love my true friends who always have my back, yet the emotional…

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