It has been awhile, yet again.

You can probably guess by now that my resolution to blog more this holidays has apparently…. failed on me. And I’m not someone who’s very consistent when I start losing track of things…..

One of the best excuses I can come up with for not blogging would be that too much has been happening and when I decide that I want to blog- that moment I open up to a “New Post” page I start to get lazy because there’s so much to pick myself from and like I’ll just be lazy and let it go.

But I have been writing on a regular basis…. as assignments, articles, for other people, but definitely not for myself thus far! But the holidays have been.. fulfilling for me. Period. I have never took away so much insight from less than 2 weeks of my holidays and there’s already been alot of things that have happened for me- and things have been working out much better than I expected which has scared me. The thought of things that are going well for me right now actually scares the hell out of me.  Because things always seem to have a way of falling apart, one way or another and I’ll be upfront that I’m not exactly the most pessimistic person but when I sense something like this… I guess the only thing I can do is to mentally prepare myself.

But going back to what my past 2 weeks have been up to..

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 11.57.24 PM

The 3 days Communication workshop really pushed my comfort level in speaking in front of a crowd, and actually acting… drama and all that. But the people I met are really lovely and fun to be with, I was really not looking forward to the workshop at all because I just wanted to fulfill yet another criteria so that I could just get things done and over with. But you know, when you’re so ahead looking at the destination, we often forget so much about the journey. This journey indeed has been great, and they made the first week of school holidays (having to go back to school when everyone else was enjoying) less painful indeed. If anything, it has been joy and I’ve learnt much about off-the-cuff speaking- to a large/small crowd and dining etiquette. (which was awfully painful to look at food sitting in front of you but not being able to eat it)

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 11.58.18 PM


Another event that has made an impact on the first week of my holidays would definitely be the day of Service Learning which was straight after the 3 days Coms workshop. We made a trip down to Sree Narayana Mission Home for the Aged Sick, and also had an inspiring talk by Kathy Xu on ‘The Dorsal Effect’ on shark conservation when we came back… it was interesting because I think I’ve never really got to hear someone really dropping everything they have just because of passion to go far and to lose out on so much (something that we all can’t live without in this globalized world indeed- $$$) despite what everyone will have to say. And I don’t usually go up to people and say stuff like “You inspire me” or give them a hug and tell them how much they made a difference in my life especially not to strangers/motivational speakers that just come and go during a 1 hr session. But I guess I surprised myself that day.

Went down to watch Tennis/Netball for the SuniG games and to cover stories while meeting the Redsports crew for the first time- everyone has been so nice and supportive even when I’m just starting out and still not feeling confident of my writing, (I love writing to express but I’m really not good at impressing) especially when it’s something like sports journalism that you’re trying out for the first time (even more so when it’s a sport you are unfamiliar with.)

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 11.58.37 PM

Met up with le BFF for lunch after training on a thursday at Fish & Co. at Clementi! Always a good catch up 🙂 and am so grateful because we’re like…. halfway through our poly years omg. And to have someone like her where I can pour everything out to, it means alot to me and if you’re ever reading this. Just wanna give you a heads up on how impt you are to me! 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 12.20.09 AM

Later on I went to Shaw Towers with this two crazy girls (don’t judge me on my attire pls) and had a great time catching Mortal Instrument – City of Bones with them!! It was an amazing show, great company and we had Quiznos for dinner + h2h talk with the girls 🙂 thank you for the lovely night out!!


Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 11.58.50 PM

Whoops, this is not in chronological order (and I’m too lazy to go back and make changes) but first time @ Salted Caramel with yong, jov and therese the other day (I think it was the first week?) and it was a good time too walking up&down Upper Thomson! (don’t even get me started on how we walked there from marymount mrt.. haha)

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 11.59.03 PM

Ending the post off with yesterday’s pic, when I went with le BFF Bobby Wongz to The Maine fan signing event and I’m glad I did what I did and happy for her who finally…. she has been waiting for 7 years for them! And she got like a hug from the lead singer and started fangirling (don’t get me started on this too) but am so glad I went out w her and no regrets chionging the night before on my assignment just for that moment, really!! 🙂 happy to see the ppl ard me happy!

Went to Bugis+ for Ramen + Koi and then heading to FEP shopping centre (I got lost and confused between Fareast plaza / shopping center that I had to ask the security guard for directions…. twice) but it was worth it haha. Spent today bballing and it was raining the whole day but the good ‘stay at home’ kind of weather that makes things more chilling and relaxing.
Looking at the pictures above and all the events that have happened and all the meetups with people is just maybe half of the things that have made my holidays so great.

I almost teared when I got to share a piece of great news that hard work actually paid off for all of us and really looking forward to the fact that something I didn’t even dare to visualize at first… is actually becoming reality. When we started out we set our dreams big. Along the way through consultations with our lecturers we started to lose faith bit by bit. The question instead of us being the top, became to something like “will we even be able to finish and hand in this piece of work on time?” We were really afraid and by the last night of 24 hours to count down, we stayed up with no sleep just to get things done and not wanted to bail on one another. Because the person working equally and just as hard next to us- we want to do them proud too and that was something that I’ll never forget. To hear such nice encouraging words from our lecturer and to hear it has all paid off, to hear that she didn’t wanted to take much of the credit because it was mainly all our hard work and to cheer us on- this is something that has made Y2S1 of DMC something memorable :’) and I had the best group of people to work with, what else can I possibly ask for?

The next would be getting the email from the Redsports Crew and meeting them (it is always nervewrecking meeting people for the first time esp when they are already familiar with each other- you’ll be afraid of how to gel and fit in) but they’ve been really welcoming and the little bits of guidance on my writing skills really makes me want to work even harder. It was a little demoralizing at first because I didn’t felt competent enough, and all in all this was my first attempt at sports journalism and interviewing people. I’m still starting out but to see the first article (after being proofread) being out there, makes the other 19 more articles to go a little less daunting and the journey, likewise will just be as fulfilling as I reach the end of this internship.

Possibly the last would be an offer for a part time job that I would have to hold off for now until it’s been confirmed- but nevertheless to have something that you imagined in your mind beforehand and to suddenly out of nowhere get a call offering you a job that’s what you envisioned and relating to your jobscope? I thought that heaven was playing a joke on me or maybe they’re trying to lay down a bad news for me nicely. Cause I can foresee it coming (in relation to what I wrote at the beginning of the post) Till then….. Que Sera Sera, whatever will be will be.

I’ve also being going back to school everyday for trainings. 1 2 4 Morning trainings ( 2/4 – Netball 1- Handball) 3 5 Night trainings – Handball and spend my other weekday nights catching SuniG games. 🙂

Was this the holidays I expected?


I was looking forward to be a hobo sitting around and all (just with trainings) but this is something more than I could ever ask for. And I’m going to be grateful though it’s a really hectic and busy schedule (even more than my school days and I’m of course beyond afraid that a burnout might happen) but I’m trying to know and not push those boundaries just yet. At the end of everything, all this will be worth it for the future.

Is it too fast to look forward to the future and be afraid?

Probably, you might say.
But I don’t ever think that there’s a time to not stop and think about what you want to do in your life.



Ending the post off with something so completely random back in HK.
Missed those times!!
Goodnight 🙂

(P/S: before I forget, I spent one of my weekends working at Isetan Scotts promoting Ramen free samples for a full day shift under a Jap boss who kept scolding me though I couldn’t get his language. Thinking back, it’s pretty funny.)


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