23 Things Playing Sports Taught Me About Life

Thought Catalog

1. Everyone has a limit, although it varies from person to person. Know yours, and know when to tap out. Learn to bow out gracefully. Everyone has a weakness and a breaking point, do not be ashamed of yours. The upside to that is that this implies that everyone also has a strength.

2. Take care of yourself – mind, body, heart – because nobody else can or will do that for you. And always, always, always trust your gut.

3. All things grow back and replenish. In fact, the only way to grow muscle is by tearing it and letting it heal, and the only way to make bone stronger is by wearing it down gradually over time.

4. Practice/train harder than at the level you wish to perform at. If you train at 150% then you are preparing to perform at 100%.

5. If you can’t count on…

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