Blessings in disguise

I’ve had one of the best(est) week ever in my life.

This week, I’ve had so many great things (and people) that happened in my life and I honestly can’t help but just feel blessed and happy.

The day I spent my entire afternoon at Adventure Cove with my lovely cousins, followed by a heartwarming night of BBQ with a group of closeknitted girls that I’ve known since secondary school. The release of exam results this semester, the fact that my fav person is back home safely together with the other girls who went HK, the realization that after scores tabulation, we managed to get into the finals. The night that I went out with the netballers and we had our epic day of dimsum and icecream, reminiscing on good old times. All the well wishes I’ve been having from my classmates. The fact that they actually came down to watch me play (they are the first…) and for someone like me who overthinks all these scenarios and whatnots like crazy.. I am really honoured. And not to forget, my first medal of 2014 from handball.

The people are the ones that really made me look back and feel like “Wow, what did I do right in my past life to deserve this?

Am really psyched now! No regrets not working this hols and spending all my time being with people, self indulgence in trainings and all.

To the point that I’m actually afraid once I hit this “peak” of emotions, I really wonder how far down I’ll go down when things dont work out anymore..

But hey, we live as we go.

So come what may, I know that being happy is a decision that I make above everything else 🙂



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